Hello, my name is Hylke Bron. I’m 23 years old and my profession is software development. I studied Information Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences Windesheim in Zwolle, The Netherlands.

Currently I work for Movin, a start-up which is specialized in indoor navigation. That is like google maps, but then for inside buildings (such as airports). I’m one of the founders of Movin, and i’m focussed on the indoor positioning technology. I’m also working on iOS and Android apps when the need for one of these arises.

Objective-C sucks, Java is okay, but my favourite is Javascript and C#

My hobbies and interests are nature, forests, bushcraft, artificial intelligence, algorithms and other stuff like that.

My favourite games are currently Age of Empires II (HD Edition), Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and err…, well that’s it.