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Setting up a NodeJS API with Express – Using MySql

Well, as promised in the posts before ( & now I will show you how to use MySql. As you might already have guessed, start with installing a package for that: npm install mysql Thats quite easy right? To keep overview,… Continue Reading →

Setting up a NodeJs API with Express – Extending the Router

Well, as mentioned in the before article ( you might want to use a dedicated Routes file before your serve.js gets out of control. Let me guide you trough this one; First of all, lets create a new folder called… Continue Reading →

Setting up a NodeJS API with Express

I will directly start doing things instead of typing a great story why we needed it and what for. Ergo, we needed an API. Done.   Lets start, open up your console and create a new folder called API mkdir… Continue Reading →

Accessing JQuery objects in Iframes.

For a project I was figuring out how I could access the JQuery object in an iframe. Why? Well, Jquery objects inside the iframe have more data about the contents in the iframe than the jquery outside the iframe. For… Continue Reading →

NodeJS formatting dates and times for any timezone

This will be a short one. Just wanted to point out a nice library for NodeJS I found recently. Lately I have been working on exporting part of our data as a CSV for easier reading and interpreting by non-programmers…. Continue Reading →

NodeJS fake proxy

An easy way of preventing unwanted visitors at the door of your private cloud is by using a whitelist. I was working on an integration between SugarCRM and some kind of a SAAS solution. Perhaps you can see the problem… Continue Reading →

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