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Sync your local fork with original Github repo

Well, thats an easy one. You want to sync your local files with the master repository which is on Github? Or on any other git platform of course, First of all, check if you don’t have an upstream already. git… Continue Reading →

10 short steps to a Laravel Helper

1. To start of with a helper, create a folder called Helpers in the app folder. 2. Create a new file in this folder and call it MyFirstLaravelHelper.php 3. Create a new file in the app\Providers and call it HelperServiceProvider…. Continue Reading →

We are at the East Hackathon!

Well, the very first East Hackathon is in full progress of preparation and we are the organisers! Well in fact, two of us, Mathyn and Chilion are. We would like to invite all of you to this nice event to… Continue Reading →

jQuery in WordPress error’s

If you try to use jQuery and WordPress together you gonna have a bad time… Unless… you read this small solution :-) Your console shows you “$ is not a function” and your code just won’t work… <strong>Change all the… Continue Reading →

Setting up a NodeJS API with Express – Using MySql

Well, as promised in the posts before ( & now I will show you how to use MySql. As you might already have guessed, start with installing a package for that: npm install mysql Thats quite easy right? To keep overview,… Continue Reading →

Setting up a NodeJs API with Express – Extending the Router

Well, as mentioned in the before article ( you might want to use a dedicated Routes file before your serve.js gets out of control. Let me guide you trough this one; First of all, lets create a new folder called… Continue Reading →

Setting up a NodeJS API with Express

I will directly start doing things instead of typing a great story why we needed it and what for. Ergo, we needed an API. Done.   Lets start, open up your console and create a new folder called API mkdir… Continue Reading →

Php Code Standards Fixer

As you code longer and longer on the same project and don’t run PHP Code Standards tests, you will encounter messy code sooner or later. Well, FriendsOfPhp come to the rescue here! I’m totally in love with this project; To get… Continue Reading →

Access to SVN is forbidden

When you’re doing new stuff. You always encounter some problems. Happened to me to. While trying to get my first WordPress plugin into the plugin repository (SVN). After checking out the SVN, no problems there, I wasn’t able to commit… Continue Reading →

Setup a new Laravel webserver with Ubuntu, Nginx, MariaDB, Composer and GIT

I assume you are using Ubuntu 14.04 as your server OS. I also assume you have already installed it. Start with getting up to date. First of all, startup your server console, update and upgrade apt-get: sudo apt-get update sudo… Continue Reading →

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