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Setting up a NodeJS API with Express

I will directly start doing things instead of typing a great story why we needed it and what for. Ergo, we needed an API. Done.   Lets start, open up your console and create a new folder called API mkdir… Lees verder →

Php Code Standards Fixer

As you code longer and longer on the same project and don’t run PHP Code Standards tests, you will encounter messy code sooner or later. Well, FriendsOfPhp come to the rescue here! I’m totally in love with this project; To get… Lees verder →

Access to SVN is forbidden

When you’re doing new stuff. You always encounter some problems. Happened to me to. While trying to get my first WordPress plugin into the plugin repository (SVN). After checking out the SVN, no problems there, I wasn’t able to commit… Lees verder →

Setup a new Laravel webserver with Ubuntu, Nginx, MariaDB, Composer and GIT

I assume you are using Ubuntu 14.04 as your server OS. I also assume you have already installed it. Start with getting up to date. First of all, startup your server console, update and upgrade apt-get: sudo apt-get update sudo… Lees verder →

Disable View Renderer Zend Framework 1

I had to work in a extremely old project, and needed to disable the View Renderer. It’s a quick one, if you know how to do it, so for later use and your convenience, hereby. Do it by adding the… Lees verder →

Multiple Routes files in Laravel 5

As our application grows bigger and bigger, the overview in the routes.php file was lost. The solution we came up with was creating multiple routes files with the part of the website the file was responsible for in the filename…. Lees verder →

Published: Slack for Laravel!

A super simple Laravel package was released today. If you want to send message in your Slack channel during actions in your Laravel application you can use this package. Of course, there are other packages around, but this one, it’s… Lees verder →

Don’t use leading underscores in PHP functions

While I was looking over some 3rd party code, and some extremely new code of my own. I discovered that I still use the leading underscore for private functions. To be clear, I’m talking about this: <?php private function _foo(){ //Hi… Lees verder →

Cron Jobs in Laravel

A short period of the year left, and I needed data that was taking way to long to load. Of course, one can assume that your query’s or datamodel are not good enough, but Assumptions are the mother or all… Lees verder →

Google Eastereggs

Well, quite known already, but let me list the coolest / geekiest Google Eastereggs for you. At first, some Hangouts (Google Chat app) eastereggs. Try to type in “/ponies” (without the ” offcourse) Ain’t that fun? Got some more for… Lees verder →

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