As you code longer and longer on the same project and don’t run PHP Code Standards tests, you will encounter messy code sooner or later.

Well, FriendsOfPhp come to the rescue here! I’m totally in love with this project;

To get it working, install it on your system, execute and voila, here you are. I will show you some install tricks, but for all the documentation you should just checkout the Github of this project. And when you are there, leave them some love!

Install on MacOsx (Homebrew)

$ brew install homebrew/php/php-cs-fixer

Install on Linux

wget -O php-cs-fixer
sudo chmod a+x php-cs-fixer 
sudo mv php-cs-fixer /usr/local/bin/php-cs-fixer

 Usage on both

php-cs-fixer fix /path/to/project --level=psr2 --verbose

I do it without the verbose, your console will run crazy ;-)