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Accessing JQuery objects in Iframes.

For a project I was figuring out how I could access the JQuery object in an iframe. Why? Well, Jquery objects inside the iframe have more data about the contents in the iframe than the jquery outside the iframe. For… Lees verder →

Setup Gulp for Laravel

For this tutorial we will setup gulp for laravel. It’s fairly easy, but for the sake of confusion I will also explain why we do certain things, as this is not php. Requirements for this tutorial: – NodeJS (& npm)… Lees verder →

Migrating from MySQL to MariaDB on Linux

For this post we are going to migrate mysql to mariadb. Here’s a little background: MariaDB is created by the original creators of MySQL, it contains a lot of major bug fixes which still exists in MySQL and is therefore… Lees verder →

Creating your first package in Laravel 5

Laravel makes good use of packages, there are hundreds of packages available and even the framework itself is a package. A lot of people create packages to add new functionality to Laravel, like a Shopping Cart or extra commands to Artisan (Laravel… Lees verder →

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