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In een HOAX getrapt?

Dan ben je achterlijk. Of tenminste de persoon die het naar je doorgestuurd heeft is achterlijk. Echt waar. Het staat op t internet dus is het waar.

I needed MongoDb, goodbye Mamp.

Well, my exact Google Phrase for 10 years: install MongoDb on MAMP with PHP7 So, let nobody tell that I didn’t try, I Googled the shit out of Google. (that downtime yesterday? Yap that was me.) It’s time to wave… Lees verder →

Python functions, read JSON

Summary I once promised to wirte a tut on how to use functions etc in Python. Here it is. I’m gonna read a JSON file, with this tutorial, so find yourself a nice JSON document and follow my trail. Pre-coding… Lees verder →

What is Gulp?

A simple explanation about Gulp. Gulp is a build system that can automate tasks. This makes repetitive task easier as it can compile your SASS / LESS to CSS, minify Javascript, reloading your browser, all kinds of tasks. Gulp is as… Lees verder →

Windows 10 GodMode

Windows 10 GodMode   Windows 10 has a lot of options and these can be hidden very well. A secret feature gives peace of mind ;-) God Mode! Create a new folder and call it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} Press enter and the… Lees verder →

Prevent DELETE action on SailsJs API

So, I was in need of a piece of code that would prevent anyone from deleting anything in my SailsJS api. Sails is so super simple that you would expect something like that in the blueprint configuration, but thats unfortunately… Lees verder →

We are at the East Hackathon!

Well, the very first East Hackathon is in full progress of preparation and we are the organisers! Well in fact, two of us, Mathyn and Chilion are. We would like to invite all of you to this nice event to… Lees verder →

Setting up a NodeJS API with Express – Using MySql

Well, as promised in the posts before ( & now I will show you how to use MySql. As you might already have guessed, start with installing a package for that: npm install mysql Thats quite easy right? To keep overview,… Lees verder →

Don’t use leading underscores in PHP functions

While I was looking over some 3rd party code, and some extremely new code of my own. I discovered that I still use the leading underscore for private functions. To be clear, I’m talking about this: <?php private function _foo(){ //Hi… Lees verder →

Google Eastereggs

Well, quite known already, but let me list the coolest / geekiest Google Eastereggs for you. At first, some Hangouts (Google Chat app) eastereggs. Try to type in “/ponies” (without the ” offcourse) Ain’t that fun? Got some more for… Lees verder →

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