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Tutorial: Indoor Navigation with Movin

Never get lost inside any big venue anymore The latest news; an Indoor Navigation app which shows you where you are inside a building and how to get to your destination, and its now available in the Westfriesgasthuis; a Dutch hospital… Lees verder →

REST versus SOAP

While I was wandering around the interwebs my brain came up with a, for me at the time, unanswerable question. ” Is REST better than SOAP. “ To be short, yes, in my opinion it is. But for you to… Lees verder →

Accessing JQuery objects in Iframes.

For a project I was figuring out how I could access the JQuery object in an iframe. Why? Well, Jquery objects inside the iframe have more data about the contents in the iframe than the jquery outside the iframe. For… Lees verder →

Start with Python

As I needed a certain script that did a certain thing that executed a certain whatever where I wanted certain activities, I decided not to use PHP, but try another, more suitable language for the task. I chose Python in… Lees verder →

Batch printing PDF (or other) files in Mac OSX

I wanted to print al lot of PDF files, tought of the Windows way, just select them all, right mouse button -> print. Well, hack no that didn’t work. Here is how I finally got it toghether Open System Preferences…. Lees verder →

Setup Gulp for Laravel

For this tutorial we will setup gulp for laravel. It’s fairly easy, but for the sake of confusion I will also explain why we do certain things, as this is not php. Requirements for this tutorial: – NodeJS (& npm)… Lees verder →

Do a POST request to a JIRA api with AJAX

Well, I made this once for a Google Chrome plugin and thought to share some of the needed code to do a request to this API with my fellow co-workers. I cut out the crap for the Google Chrome modals… Lees verder →

Generate prime numbers

Spoiler alert: possible answers of Project Euler are included So I was doing Project Euler, which is I think its an awesome challenge, and I came across challenge #7, asking the 10001th prime number. Originally I wanted to do Project Euler in some… Lees verder →

Check if adblocker is activated

To be very honest, I do use adblocker. Still, some websites trust solely on the ads to pay for hosting and expenses and give us great benefits in return. To detect if adblocker is activated we have to check if… Lees verder →

Prank your fellow Windows-using co-workers

Well, we have selected the utmost best but more important easy to pull pranks. All of them are do-able in under 30 seconds, cause otherwise it’s not worth the hassle. After all, we developers are a bunch of lazy creeps…. Lees verder →

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