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Sync your local fork with original Github repo

Well, thats an easy one. You want to sync your local files with the master repository which is on Github? Or on any other git platform of course, First of all, check if you don’t have an upstream already. git… Lees verder →

Setup a new Laravel webserver with Ubuntu, Nginx, MariaDB, Composer and GIT

I assume you are using Ubuntu 14.04 as your server OS. I also assume you have already installed it. Start with getting up to date. First of all, startup your server console, update and upgrade apt-get: sudo apt-get update sudo… Lees verder →

SSH Cheatsheet

Everytime I have to login to a server I had to type the password. This ofcourse is not needed so I started making use of SSH keys. But, what if you want to use them with some other server to… Lees verder →

Gitlab 500 error when adding/removing SSH key

When I tried to add a SSH key to Gitlab 7.3.1 on Ubuntu 14.04 it didn’t work. I got an 500 internal server error and the site became extremly slow. On refresh nothing is added and when I tried again, same problem… Lees verder →

Stash on Ubuntu 14.04

As we needed a server where everything that has to do with our development team would be centered I decided to create a neat server where we have all the tools we need. If you need anything on this list… Lees verder →

SourceTree no longer opens repositories

In SourceTree i got the following error: ‘git log’ failed with code -1:’launch path not accessible’ It appeared GIT got updated through which SourceTree lost track of the correct path and couldn’t open any repository anymore. Solution: Open SourceTree’s preferences… Lees verder →

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