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jQuery in WordPress error’s

If you try to use jQuery and WordPress together you gonna have a bad time… Unless… you read this small solution :-) Your console shows you “$ is not a function” and your code just won’t work… <strong>Change all the… Lees verder →

Access to SVN is forbidden

When you’re doing new stuff. You always encounter some problems. Happened to me to. While trying to get my first WordPress plugin into the plugin repository (SVN). After checking out the SVN, no problems there, I wasn’t able to commit… Lees verder →

Nice urls in WordPress

While building this site I got some 404’s when I activated “pretty-urls”. What was the problem? Well, the .htaccess was not readable nor writeable. After 2 seconds of chasing monkey’s in my head I found out the problem. There was no htaccess at… Lees verder →

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