As we needed a server where everything that has to do with our development team would be centered I decided to create a neat server where we have all the tools we need.

If you need anything on this list you might be able to use my step-by-step tutorials to arrange this :)

Jira + Jira Agile

I might be upgrading the server later with more tools, will update this tools then. If you have any hints what tools we ABSOLUTLY need, let me know!

I assume you have a server already live with Ubuntu 14.04, cause that is what I’m using. This might also work for Debian or other distro’s but I’m not sure.

The new part! Confluence!

Find your package of Confluence on, copy the download link, open your terminal:


Set the correct rights:

chmod a+x atlassian-confluence-5.8.14-x64.bin

Execute it:


The next questions on the screen will mostly be clear enough, my steps where the following:

– Install (o)
– New instance (1)
– i

Confluence will be installing right now, again time for a cup ‘a coffee

For Confluence to work correctly we will need to set-it-up also in the browser. Go to and check “External” on the Database.

As you can see Confluence can work with multiple Databases, this tutorial doesn’t cover any of them, but I would recommend using PostgreSQL. For that one we do have a small tutorial, click!

If you follow all the steps in the installation at the end (where you should put in the first user details), don’t click on “Go to Stash” but search for the button next to it, “Integrate with Jira” fill in the form and it should all work!

Happy collaborting!