The last few months I became more and more interested in automating my home. I read a lot about a dozen tools and finally decided that Home Assistant should be the tool to go for.

I started it up by buying some lamps from our local Ikea store, a hub and a remote control. An old PC hanging around somewhere was my local server and it worked out pretty good.
In the end I wasn’t that enthusiastic about the speed, safety and power consumption of this old PC and decided to do it all over but this time good.

I ordered a Raspberry PI, all the tools needed, one adapter too much, still don’t know why and created everything from scratch on anew.

I’ll take you on a tour in how I did this and how you can achieve this as well the coming weeks, and upcoming in 2020 I’m looking forward to expanding my home system with new tools as automatic garden spraying, getting the robot vacuum to work properly, opening the garage door on vingerprint or faceID and starting to use some smart doorbell device without paying to much. And if the privacy concern my dear beloved wife has is gone away, who knows maybe even let me talk to my Home to do tasks!

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