As I already mentioned in previous blogs, I’m working on automating my home. Where better to start then lights, especially when you need to replace a few light bulbs already.

First of all, there are quite a lot of options to use lights in your home, I read upon those and decided the Ikea Tradfri collection was best fitting my needs, mostly in the price/quality equation.

If you have a gigantic farm or enormous compound you will need multiple hubs to reach all the lights, but for me, one is more then enough.

So, lets head to your local Ikea store and pickup one Tradfri hub, one Tradfri remote control and at least one Tradfri light bulb. I directly took 20 bulbs because I wanted to do the whole house but you can start with one or a couple.

Before we start configuring Home Assistant we will teach the hub which lights there are in the house and to control them.

Lets start with plugging in the hub to your Router and downloading the Ikea Home app on your mobile phone. Open the App and if you are on Wifi it will automatically discover the hub. Connect it by entering the security code on the bottom of the hub.

From here on the IKEA Home app is pretty straight forward so I think you should be able to figure out how to get all the lights in the house working with the IKEA Home app. HomeAssistant configuration will follow in a later blog post.

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