Lets move a bit back to where we started, lighting up our place.
As Home Assistant is running (otherwise, check this out) and you have configured your lights with the IKEA Home App and finally you have added Tradfri to your Home Assistant, its time for the next step and bring VoiceControl into the game!

First of all, we need Home Assistant to use Apple HomeKit to work. In this case we want our Apple devices to work with the devices in Home Assistant so lets get to work.

First, open up the Home Assistant configuration;

sudo nano /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/configuration.yaml

Add somewhere;

# HomeKit setup

Save and exit. Reboot Home Assistant. Either from Console or in the web-app.

Go to Home Assistant in your browser and you will see a notification, remember the PIN code it gives you.

Open up the Home app on your iPhone/Pad/MacBook and choose for adding a new assecoires. Choose the option that you can’t scan and don’t have a code. When all went well you will see the “Home Assistant Bridge”.

Click this one, enter the PIN you got earlier and the your iDevice will configure all of it. The only thing that you have to do is select in which room your devices from HASS reside and what “Scenario’s / Scene’s” you want to apply to the device. For instance the Goodmorning scene. Fiddle at bit around, add your devices to the correct scene’s and rooms and then;

Put your iDevice a 2 meters or 5 foot from your hands and YELL at it; “HE SIRI, PUT ON ALL MY LIGHTS”

WOOOOOO thats MAGIC bro!

Keep in mind, you can just configure Homekit with Tradfri, but I use HASS for some non-compatible stuff and can through the HASS bridge still operate them from SIRI. If you don’t have non-compatible stuff I suggest you get rid of the whole RPI setup and just use HomeKit. Sorry.

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