To be honest,

  • cd /var/www
  • git reset –hard (sometimes..)
  • git pull origin <branch name>
  • composer self-update
  • composer update / install
  • composer dump-autoload
  • php artisan vendor:publish
  • php artisan migrate

I’m lazy! I decided to create a simple script that will do all this for me in just a jiffy.

In Linux it is possible to create a shell script that will execute series of commands for you. So first of all, open up that terminal, and lets create the file.

I decided to name it deploy

nano /usr/bin/deploy

Now put in some comments; perhaps:

## store the arguments given to the script

First, we want to tell the user that their command has been received, so lets put a new line in our file:

##  Record the fact that the deploy command has been received
echo "\033[33;32m             Received deploy request at $( date +%F )"

Let it switch to the right working directory

## Switch to right directory
cd /var/www/; \
echo "\033[33;31m             Switched to"

Then, some git commands, first reset. I do this so I won’t have problems with temporary testing changes.

echo "\033[33;31m             GIT reset old code"
git reset --hard

Then, pull the bastard out of his cave (or repository, your choice of words)

## Start the pull
echo "\033[33;31m             Starting Pull of branch $1 \033[33;32m"
git pull origin "$1"

I switch alot of branches on my test server, so thats why I’m making sure to always pull the right branch into action:

## After pull, make sure to checkout the branch

echo "\033[33;31m             Starting checkout of branch $1 \033[33;32m"
git checkout "$1"

Lets go and start the composer tasks, self update, update and dump autoload. Always fun to watch.

## Start composer tasks
echo "\033[33;31m             Initiating composer self-update"
composer self-update

echo "\033[33;31m             Initiating composer update"
composer install

echo "\033[33;31m             Initiating composer dump autoload"
composer dump-autoload

Clean up the mess artisan sometimes leaves:

## Some cleanup tasks
echo "\033[33;31m             Initiating Artisan clear cache"
php artisan cache:clear

Vendor publish for the right settings that a publisher might have published. (Err, yes. Something like that.)

echo "\033[33;31m             Initiating Artisan vendor publish"
php artisan vendor:publish 

And migrate...
echo "\033[33;31m             Initiating Migration of database"
php artisan migrate

Last beautiful shot, lets tell our user WE ARE DONE!

echo "\033[33;35m             All tasks completed succesfully \033[33;32m"


Now you might think, how the crap do I use this? Well, in your terminal, try typing in: deploy master (in which master is your branch name).
Voila, you have your own deployment script!


Complete script? Find it at Github.