I have been running into WSOD’s of Laravel like a million times. For my own and your documentation I will create a list of causes and potential fixes. Feel free to comment and add your cause and eventually a found solution. If no solution, let’s search for it together :-)

Set the correct rights
First of all, check if you have the correct permissions set on the right files. The right rights are:

- all folders: 755
- all files: 644
- app/storage folder 777

You can do this by using the following commands in your console:

chmod -R 777 app/storage
chmod -R 755/644 (folders/files you want to chmod)

Update using composer

Try executing composer functions and see if that works (yap, I forget this one time…)

sudo composer selfupdate
sudo composer update
sudo composer dumpautoload

Check if you have the correct files to even run the application
Oh god, I still feel ashamed.

Do you have a .env file? And a .htaccess (or if running Nginx, made the correct configurations in your server config file?)