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Home Automation 101

The last few months I became more and more interested in automating my home. I read a lot about a dozen tools and finally decided that Home Assistant should be the tool to go for. I started it up by… Lees verder →

Indiase Kipstoofpot

Heerlijke kruidige kipstoofpot Voor deze stoofpot ben je ongeveer een uurtje tijd kwijt, maar dan heb je ook wat. Ingredienten voor 2-3 personen; Kipfilet ongeveer 400gram, meer is altijd beter. blikje 400gram tomaten blokjes 2 uien 3 teentjes knoflook duim… Lees verder →

Create a new webserver with PHP7, Nginx, MariaDb and ready for Laravel!

I assume you are using Ubuntu 16.04 as your server OS. I also assume you have already installed it. Start with getting up to date. First of all, startup your server console, update and upgrade apt-get: sudo apt-get update sudo… Lees verder →

An AcceptanceTest with Codeception for Laravel

As a follow up of my blog from yesterday which contained information howto get codeception and Laravel playing nicely together I tought it would be nice to make a small AcceptanceTest of a Login page to see how this actually… Lees verder →

Codeception and Laravel 5

As the documentation wasn’t precisely clear to me, I decided to write a hands-on for future use. I hope someone will find it useful :-)   First of all, you need to require codeception in your Laravel project. This can… Lees verder →

cUrl errors in Ampps with Laravel

I try to use Guzzle on my Ampps (localhost) installation but I get a constant certification error or cUrl. [2016-03-30 07:11:14] local.ERROR: exception ‘GuzzleHttp\Ring\Exception\RingException’ with message ‘cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate’ There are… Lees verder →

Configure AMPPS for Laravel

Well, as mentioned in a earlier post I switched from MAMP to AMPPS. Of course, how good anything might be, nothing works out of the box. Luckily, Ampps is fairly easy to set up. Open up the main window and… Lees verder →

I needed MongoDb, goodbye Mamp.

Well, my exact Google Phrase for 10 years: install MongoDb on MAMP with PHP7 So, let nobody tell that I didn’t try, I Googled the shit out of Google. (that downtime yesterday? Yap that was me.) It’s time to wave… Lees verder →

Python functions, read JSON

Summary I once promised to wirte a tut on how to use functions etc in Python. Here it is. I’m gonna read a JSON file, with this tutorial, so find yourself a nice JSON document and follow my trail. Pre-coding… Lees verder →

What is Gulp?

A simple explanation about Gulp. Gulp is a build system that can automate tasks. This makes repetitive task easier as it can compile your SASS / LESS to CSS, minify Javascript, reloading your browser, all kinds of tasks. Gulp is as… Lees verder →

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