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Home Automation; Siri

Lets move a bit back to where we started, lighting up our place.As Home Assistant is running (otherwise, check this out) and you have configured your lights with the IKEA Home App and finally you have added Tradfri to your… Lees verder →

Home Automation; Plex!

Last time I showed you how to mount an USB drive and install Samba on your RaspberryPI, but thats not all I needed it for. I needed it for Plex so I can view my series and my movies all… Lees verder →

Home Automation; Samba

Howto install Samba on a Raspberry PI

Home Automation; Getting Started with Home Assistant!

As promised, a series about Home Automation, as mentioned before I decided to use Home Assistant for this job. For more info see my previous post; First of all, to use Home Assistant correct we need some hardware. The Raspberry… Lees verder →

Home Automation 101

The last few months I became more and more interested in automating my home. I read a lot about a dozen tools and finally decided that Home Assistant should be the tool to go for. I started it up by… Lees verder →

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