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Create a new webserver with PHP7, Nginx, MariaDb and ready for Laravel!

I assume you are using Ubuntu 16.04 as your server OS. I also assume you have already installed it. Start with getting up to date. First of all, startup your server console, update and upgrade apt-get: sudo apt-get update sudo… Lees verder →

An AcceptanceTest with Codeception for Laravel

As a follow up of my blog from yesterday which contained information howto get codeception and Laravel playing nicely together I tought it would be nice to make a small AcceptanceTest of a Login page to see how this actually… Lees verder →

10 short steps to a Laravel Helper

1. To start of with a helper, create a folder called Helpers in the app folder. 2. Create a new file in this folder and call it MyFirstLaravelHelper.php 3. Create a new file in the app\Providers and call it HelperServiceProvider…. Lees verder →

Multiple Routes files in Laravel 5

As our application grows bigger and bigger, the overview in the routes.php file was lost. The solution we came up with was creating multiple routes files with the part of the website the file was responsible for in the filename…. Lees verder →

Published: Slack for Laravel!

A super simple Laravel package was released today. If you want to send message in your Slack channel during actions in your Laravel application you can use this package. Of course, there are other packages around, but this one, it’s… Lees verder →

Cron Jobs in Laravel

A short period of the year left, and I needed data that was taking way to long to load. Of course, one can assume that your query’s or datamodel are not good enough, but Assumptions are the mother or all… Lees verder →

Laravel WSOD causes

I have been running into WSOD’s of Laravel like a million times. For my own and your documentation I will create a list of causes and potential fixes. Feel free to comment and add your cause and eventually a found… Lees verder →

Laravel deployment script

To be honest, cd /var/www git reset –hard (sometimes..) git pull origin <branch name> composer self-update composer update / install composer dump-autoload php artisan vendor:publish php artisan migrate I’m lazy! I decided to create a simple script that will do… Lees verder →

Creating your first package in Laravel 5

Laravel makes good use of packages, there are hundreds of packages available and even the framework itself is a package. A lot of people create packages to add new functionality to Laravel, like a Shopping Cart or extra commands to Artisan (Laravel… Lees verder →

Laravel POST requests with Guzzle

Not really hard, but a wrap around the extremely extensive documentation of Guzzle. You want to send a POST request to an external source like an API par example. First of all, add Guzzle to your composer.json and use the… Lees verder →

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