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Create a new webserver with PHP7, Nginx, MariaDb and ready for Laravel!

I assume you are using Ubuntu 16.04 as your server OS. I also assume you have already installed it. Start with getting up to date. First of all, startup your server console, update and upgrade apt-get: sudo apt-get update sudo… Lees verder →

Don’t use leading underscores in PHP functions

While I was looking over some 3rd party code, and some extremely new code of my own. I discovered that I still use the leading underscore for private functions. To be clear, I’m talking about this: <?php private function _foo(){ //Hi… Lees verder →

Creating your first package in Laravel 5

Laravel makes good use of packages, there are hundreds of packages available and even the framework itself is a package. A lot of people create packages to add new functionality to Laravel, like a Shopping Cart or extra commands to Artisan (Laravel… Lees verder →

Laravel POST requests with Guzzle

Not really hard, but a wrap around the extremely extensive documentation of Guzzle. You want to send a POST request to an external source like an API par example. First of all, add Guzzle to your composer.json and use the… Lees verder →

Mcrypt on Ubuntu 14.04

Well, if your PHP applications tells you that Mcrypt is not installed there is a simple trick to solve this. Most of you will not come to this page to see this trick, because it is common knowledge. Try this…. Lees verder →

Migrate from Apache to Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04

The number of choices to make when you create a new server are unlimited. And thats not always positive. Did you develop your whole website, created a server for it, deployed it and then found out that you after all… Lees verder →

Kohana hashing mechanism

Searching for the Kohana systematic for authentication to use in Laravel proved to be quite hard for me. Couldn’t find it in code, nor online or where-ever. BUT! Found it! It uses the function to do this, it works… Lees verder →

PHP 7 Coalesce Operator

The road to PHP 7 is filled with awesome news, glancing improvements and a lot nice to have’s. One of the new awesome nice to have thingie’s is the coalesce operator. It’s meant to easier give a default value. When… Lees verder →

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