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Home Automation; Plex!

Last time I showed you how to mount an USB drive and install Samba on your RaspberryPI, but thats not all I needed it for. I needed it for Plex so I can view my series and my movies all… Lees verder →

Home Automation; Samba

Howto install Samba on a Raspberry PI

Home Automation; Getting Started with Home Assistant!

As promised, a series about Home Automation, as mentioned before I decided to use Home Assistant for this job. For more info see my previous post; First of all, to use Home Assistant correct we need some hardware. The Raspberry… Lees verder →

Home Automation 101

The last few months I became more and more interested in automating my home. I read a lot about a dozen tools and finally decided that Home Assistant should be the tool to go for. I started it up by… Lees verder →

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