A simple explanation about Gulp. Gulp is a build system that can automate tasks. This makes repetitive task easier as it can compile your SASS / LESS to CSS, minify Javascript, reloading your browser, all kinds of tasks.

Gulp is as said, a build system, It’s running on Node.js, and both the Gulp source and your Gulp file, where you configure Gulp, are written in JavaScript. Why this is so great? Well, as a developer you might already know Javascript by itself, so its easy to get started!

But, don’t stand rooting yet, Gulp doesn’t do that much on its own, its merely a wrapper with a lot of available plugins. (Or with this with searching gulpplugin on npm.) A few examples show us that there are multiple plugins, some to run Hint/Lint algoritme’s, update version numbers, compile your SASS to CSS, and even minifiy images (say what? :o) and more and more and more.

See, now you can root!

Last but not least, its open source! find it on GitHub!

Also, we once covered how to use it with Laravel!